Tang Empire
Tang Empire
TYPE:Turn, immortal Downloads:0 Date:2020-10-16 Android size:408.7M IOS size:422.1M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Empire of the Tang Dynasty" is a gift, online delivery vip12188888 Yuan Bao, 100W silver coins, to help you start the game like a fish in water, hegemony area far ahead of the first step! The unique marriage system allows you to experience the love of Yi demon, luxury first gift, top class equipment, rare animals, cool riding, powerful partners, all send and send, season card, one capital and ten thousand profits, system output tied yuan, greatly improved, massive tied yuan, etc! Upgrade to send 10000 yuan gift bag! It's easy to get a thousand gold, but hard to find a best friend. The worship system rekindles the brotherhood in the lake!
game welfare
Version Description: 8 levels open daily check-in, sign in 30 days to receive 3050 yuan recharge red envelope, input the gift bag code to get God's favorite God dress and Title 1, luxury opening to send vip12188888 yuan, million silver dollars, hegemony District strong first step, daily luxury benefits receive non-stop! 2. No threshold white whoring 3000 yuan recharge red packet, eight days login get 240 yuan recharge red packet, daily sign in get 3050 yuan recharge red packet! 3. Luxury 8-day login gift, free rare baby, partner and best mount, rich and rare cultivation props are waiting for you! 4. The platform's exclusive benefits are free to receive rare and top-notch treasures. The combat power is soaring all the way. Push the pictures to pass the customs without stopping, and the cool and crazy tyrants drag the beauties to burst out! 5. The platform's exclusive welfare is free to receive the rare and excellent Li Suyi's Dharma script. The combat power attribute of the changeable shape and the domineering array is soaring! 6. Platform exclusive benefits, free rare out of print title, 10000 rounds of player praise, exclusive custom title to help you dream back to the Tang Empire! ~
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100-499 100% 500-999 120% 1000-2999 150%3000-4999 200%5000-9999 300%10000 400%
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