Crazy party (unlimited recharge)
Crazy party (unlimited recharge)
TYPE:nothing Downloads:2 Date:2020-10-16 From:btgame
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game Introduction
Annual masterpiece, shocking! Start a company, be a boss, recruit artists, make a big movie by yourself! On line will send 100 million cash, 100 million small goals do not need to earn, online will get! Send your car continuously! Continuous login send red artists! Continuous login send even draw! Box office competition, movie emperor competition, brand first purchase, Tianwang duel, concerts, fans interaction and other kinds of games, fun can not stop! Stay at home and have nothing to do, it's better to be the boss online! Fishing at work has nothing to do, come online to be the boss! Exquisite picture quality, super small package, quick to open, offline can also make money, come to join the crazy party!
game welfare
Suffix Description: click on the top left corner of the avatar, upgrade the company to elite entertainment company, will unlock a lot of activities in the game. Click on the start-up road activity to complete the entrepreneurial task. If you reach the corresponding level, you can get the no threshold recharge card for free. The road to entrepreneurship award is reset monthly. There are a lot of activities below to easily obtain recharge card props. Recharge activity - 1 yuan gift pack, you can get a large number of recharge cards, legendary recruitment coupons and ultimate red card fragments by recharging a little. If you buy a monthly card, you can also get a large amount of prepaid card, orange artist and red card artist pieces every day. Super rebate! Abnormal welfare: 1. Recharge ratio 1:1000, double recharge, no price increase! 4 times super first charge! 2. Online delivery of V6, 100 million cash, million gold coins, welfare get soft! 3. Free gift of venture fund! The road to entrepreneurship get a large number of free recharge card rewards! Come and be your own boss! 4. Mr. Cang, who is the first to be a virtuous and artistic double Xin, and then a Bentley, a luxury car, will be instantly owned by a beauty! There are also bonus such as continuous drawing, 1 billion cash and so on! 5. Sign in to see off red artists! Check in and send out even draw! Sign in massive benefits!
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