Legend of magic dragon
Legend of magic dragon
TYPE:Adventure, animation Downloads:1 Date:2020-10-28 Android size:4.2M IOS size:18.64M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Magic dragon" is a two-dimensional classic nurturing adventure game. In order to expel the dragon race, human beings summoned the demon gods, but the terrible demons began to bite the world. The human leaders and the Dragon leaders signed a contract, and finally jointly sealed the demon God. From then on, man and the Dragon coexisted peacefully and concluded coexistence. There are rich turntable activities in the game, destiny battlefield, contract spirit to protect the holy city!
game welfare
Version Description: 1000 yuan real charge will be sent online (BT version modified content): 1000 yuan recharge card, vip20, judgment sword * 1, spirit suit * 1, gold coin 200W, Longjing * 58800, breakthrough stone * 1000, intermediate experience book * 50, treasure refining stone * 50 1. On line, send 1000 yuan real charge, activate VIP and cumulative charging activities! 2. Serious real recharge, do not play virtual! 3. Recharge to open unlimited stores and purchase unlimited equipment and props. 4. The first charge ratio is 1:8000, and 4 times of rebate will help you soar into the sky! 5. The chance of Summoning Magic Card is increased, and the props reward is doubled. 6. Fight for the destiny battlefield and guard my holy city!
game discount
100-999 50%1000-2999 80%3000-4999 150%5000-9999 250%10000 400%
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