God of youth (infinite treasure hunt)
God of youth (infinite treasure hunt)
TYPE:Hang up, Xianxia Downloads:1 Date:2020-10-27 Android size:2.9M IOS size:6.41M From:btgame
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game Introduction
A Xiuxian style of action role-playing games, tens of millions of fans expect the works, gorgeous pictures to build an aesthetic god world! Different playing methods, super gorgeous skills, rich real-time operation, combined with unique heroic moves and flexible and free fighting strategies, let players create infinite possibilities in the battle! There are q-pet fighting, cute girl escort, personalized fashion, a hundred kinds of magic weapons and skills. You can match them freely. You can also get married, have children, set up a school, kill demons and eliminate demons, cross the robbing fairies, and ascend to the throne as the emperor of heaven under the witness of friends! This is a world you have never experienced before. Come and explore the fairyland together and find your partner in your heart!
game welfare
Suffix Description: after the role is created, there will be a guide pop-up window to "send treasure hunt order every day, unlimited treasure hunt to soft hand", and jump to "send treasure hunt". Or click on the "welfare" icon, you can also find the "send treasure" activity. In the activity of "sending and searching treasure", 100 treasure hunting orders can be obtained unconditionally every day, and the treasure hunting orders will be presented permanently every day. [game benefits] 1. Give 100 cigarettes to find treasure every day, and give them to you indefinitely. 2. Recharge red envelopes are free online every day. Free promotion of VIP is not a dream. There are a lot of fairy jade to get. 3. Get the first free gift: magic sword (Orange artifact), permanent Purple Diamond privilege (the probability of boss exploding red after activation) 4. Send treasure hunting order * 100, VIP10, Xianyu * 8888 and Yuanbao on line *5. Recharge ratio is 1:500, the first charge is double, and the second charge is permanent. The output ratio of Yuanbao and Xianyu is greatly increased. 6. Free wedding ring is given for life, and everyone can enjoy romantic love
game discount
100-499 50%500-999 80%1000-2999 100%3000-4999 150%5000-9999 200%10000-19999 250%20000 300%
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