Transit robbery (mall privilege)
Transit robbery (mall privilege)
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game Introduction
The game takes the promotion of ancient Chinese culture as its own duty, and faithfully restores the original work of Fengshenbang. Here, you can see the original story; here, you can see the deja vu characters; here, you can experience the cool and incomparable heroic equipment; here, you can appreciate the heroic character's unique style! Innovative fighting mode, powerful magic weapon and animal system, diversified professional design, exquisite restoration of the game world with rich Oriental myths and legends, leading players to appreciate the real and shocking combat experience, so that players can enjoy a different list of gods.
game welfare
Version Description: click GM mall, super value luxury gift special price 1 Yuan Bao purchase 1, recharge ratio 1:2000, each level of first charge double, subsequent recharge additional 50% 2, the first charge to "Daji", you can also get matching equipment 3, GM mall a total of 12 stalls, top red cards all exchange in GM mall 4, monthly card, half a year card upgrade, immediately get double Yuanbao, daily reward 5 Online full VIP, main line automatic hang up, free hands, leisure play treasure
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