Eternal love (100 thousand recharge)
Eternal love (100 thousand recharge)
TYPE:Nurturance, Q version Downloads:0 Date:2020-11-20 Android size:114M IOS size:107.39M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Eternal love - 100 thousand recharge" is a classic MMORPG mobile game of Q Meng social class. Hit boss unlimited burst recharge, online will send 1000 yuan recharge card! Excellent mount! Get the first charge for free in 15 minutes online! Lively and lovely character modeling, simple and blurred game plot, to build a colorful lake. The game reproduces a series of classic contents such as end tour occupation, map, pets, weapons, gems, etc., as well as a large amount of fashion, which makes the people of the river and Lake show their individual demeanor. The rich social playing methods make the chivalrous couple love each other, and stage the classic wedding of flourishing age, which envies the Wulin. At the same time, players will also experience the joy of dual line growth of positive and evil forces, self created martial arts, unique personality, free PK in the wild, and the passion of cross server confrontation between the forces of good and evil! Let's join hands with our best friends, and let's continue our life in the world!
game welfare
1. Vip11, 66888 diamond binding, 8.88 million copper coins, and 100 best treasure hunting orders will be sent to you immediately after you go online! 2. Launch the super welfare service of Chuangjiao. You can bring home the luxury gift bag with a thousand yuan recharge after landing. You can immediately become a local tyrant and spend a large amount of diamonds at will! 3. Recharge ratio: 1:1000, 15 minutes online luxury gift first charge, peerless artifact free, continuous login can also get rare fashion! 4. Gold season card upgrade to vip13, luxury diamond card upgrade to vip15, a large number of privilege VIP gift bags get cool, civilian players can also be high! 5. Continuous login to get out of print fashion illusion, massive combat power keeps rising! There are also a large number of advanced materials to directly reach the peak! 6. The super fast upgrade speed, the activity reward increases greatly, the mall price cuts down greatly, the massive diamond flower makes your hand soft!
game discount
100-599 50%600-1099 70%1100-3099 100%3100-5099 140%5100-9999 200%10000 300%
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