Cartoon hero 3D
Cartoon hero 3D
TYPE:Fighting, animation Downloads:0 Date:2020-11-19 IOS size:231.76M From:btgame
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game Introduction
A cartoon type 3D fighting hand game, the game uses full hand-painted explosive animation style, shocking and refreshing sense of attack, exquisite game mechanism design, innovative hero team system, incarnate cartoon hero to experience the blood boiling fighting world.
game welfare
Suffix Description: click the welfare icon at the top of the screen, and select monthly sign in to receive the recharge card every day. Benefits: 1. Online you can get vip15, 18888 diamonds and 1.89 million gold coins for free; 2. Send JK girl "Xianai", sailor's scarf, and "future sauce", the first idol of the universe; 3. No need to recharge, just participate in answering questions every day, everyone can be GM; 4. Everyone can get a recharge card every day, ten times a day, growth fund 10W diamond can not stop; 5 Send strong attack SSR "alloy man", strong output can not stop. 0 yuan gift bag, white whoring weapon reinforcement material is constantly rising; 6. GM mall is built in, and precious and rare props are all only 1 diamond; 7. GM privilege gift bag only needs 1 Diamond, which can be opened to obtain GM exclusive out of print aircraft; 8. Ten thousand diamonds are sent every day for active tasks, and orange equipment is sent as long as upgrading;
game discount
100-500 30% 501-1000 50% 1001-3000 80% 3001-5000 100% 5001-10000 150% 10001-20000 180% 20001-50000 240% 50000 300%
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