Spirit Summoner (send massive recharge)
Spirit Summoner (send massive recharge)
TYPE:Animation Downloads:0 Date:2020-12-02 Android size:180.3M IOS size:164.6M From:btgame
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game Introduction
It is a kind of hand game with conscience and liver protection. It is friendly to novices. It has rich benefits such as 7-day landing, activity check-in and so on. The early guidance is fast. The innovative place fully conforms to the placement characteristics, and the core of "leisure" is specific to all aspects. It can stop as you play and as you wish. It really achieves the aspects that should be taken into account in the light hand game, and creates a free and relaxed game experience environment for players.
game welfare
1. Get vip1012888 diamond, 588w gold coin, rare hero lost angel when online. 2. Hang up the game every day, recharge 1000 yuan easily, and get one million diamonds. 3. Super value monthly card, luxury gift everyday, huge amount of privilege. 4. Log in on the seventh day to get more rewards and get diamond online. 5. Open the service and upgrade, and send a large amount of recharge. 6. Super value special gift bag, it is so simple to get stronger. 7. Complete the first charge Send super strong S-level hero kakaro 8. Send SSS level hero breakthrough card on appointment 9. No liver, no krypton, hang up will have income 10. Sign in can get recharge, the more play more happy 11. Send more recharge cards, salute the strongest you 12. Recharge ratio 1:1000, each recharge extra diamond
game discount
One day recharge 100-499 rebate 30% single day recharge 500-999 rebate 50% single day recharge 1000-1999 rebate 80% single day recharge 2000-4999 rebate 150% single day recharge 5000-9999 rebate 200% single day recharge 10000-29999 rebate 300% single day recharge 30000-49999 rebate 400% single day recharge 50000 and above 600% rebate
game score