Supernatural blade
Supernatural blade
TYPE:Hang up, Xianxia Downloads:0 Date:2020-12-02 Android size:4.4M IOS size:18.98M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Blade of God" is a role-playing mobile network game with the theme of two-dimensional fantasy color. Free upgrade to vip12, you can have five roles at the same time to fight together, with a super rich boss copy, cross server PK competition, free transfer, fight side by side with cute pets, start an exciting and interesting adventure!
game welfare
1. New benefits, online direct full VIP, 888 yuan real recharge! 2. In the game, you can drop the recharge card, up to 1000 yuan. 3. Recharge every day. 4. Recharge ratio is 1:1000. The first charge is 3 times. The counting is not stopped. 5. The boss drops unlimited real charge. A large number of recharge cards can not be used up!
game discount
In a single day, the cumulative recharge is 100-499 yuan, the 50% rebate is 500-999 yuan, the 100% rebate is 1000-2999 yuan, the 150% is 3000-4999 yuan, the 200% is 5000-9999 yuan, the rebate 250% is more than 10000 yuan, and the rebate is 300%
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