Duolan continent
Duolan continent
TYPE:Character, magic Downloads:3 Date:2020-12-03 From:btgame
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game Introduction
A 3D top MMO mobile game, full 3D U.S. design, big scene battle Alliance group battle, instant combat, super cool sense of attack. Through offline hanging up, daily copies and limited time activities, the game can obtain changeable war pets, dazzle colorful God clothes, powerful mount and gorgeous wings to improve their combat effectiveness, and enjoy the fun of cross server PK combat. The world boss, character cultivation, and equipment free trade are all available. Dozens of exquisite and magnificent huge scenes are constructed from the dark city of singing and dancing, to the bloody Maple wilderness in the flames of war The 3D world of mobile phones.
game welfare
Suffix Description: after logging into the game, there is a super explosive mall on the top right; there is a recharge card in the super explosive mall; super explosive coins are produced in daily activities, online rewards, world boss and other places. Benefits: 1. Online send v1736888 diamonds, 5000W gold coins, VIP gift bag daily free, VIP experience daily free! Sign in and cash red envelope waiting for you! 2. Original unlimited roulette system, unlimited lottery free, so the only welfare attracted by our family!!! New super explosive system, huge quantity of best products waiting for you to get!!! 3. You can get the best fashion, epic weapons, super privilege cards and all kinds of rare props! 4. The new multiple recharge system, the small amount of recharge to get high reward, there is no false!! 5. Special VIP card, limit low price to rise VIP! Buy free weekly card, and the best mount waiting for you, 6. Super value investment, super multiple rebate waiting for you, and super double waiting for you! 7. Preferential purchase, ultra-low price, super value performance price ratio, ultra-low discount, absolutely not black gold, have a good time! 8. Greatly increase the recharge ratio! Recharge ratio 1:500, dozens of times cheaper than national service! Also under the wire rebate, massive diamonds help you dominate the land of Doran!
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