Fairy road of Shushan (send 2000 Zhenchong)
Fairy road of Shushan (send 2000 Zhenchong)
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:3 Date:2020-12-03 From:btgame
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game Introduction
A new 2D mobile game emphasizing leisure and cooperation. The legend of the most powerful weapon in the lake reappeared, and the great immortal practitioners fought like fire. Here, players will embark on the path of cultivating immortals, starting from the swordsmen, and then open the two channels of Ren Du, and open the eight acupoints of the Qijing. Every time the realm is upgraded, it seems that it opens the door to a new world. Various powerful opponents appear one by one. There are also like-minded friends exploring the mysterious cave, accepting the test of martial god, obtaining the best divine skill, looking for the home of sword tomb, and gaining explosive cultivation growth. The experience of Shaolin Temple is exciting and dangerous. The acquisition of sword rhyme and magic skill also makes the battle colorful and beautiful. Fight with the sky, with the earth, with people, the fun is endless! In front of the fairyland, ascend to the top, I am the only one!
game welfare
Suffix Description: 1. In the realm gift bag of welfare hall, players can get relevant gift bags for free when they reach the specified state. The gift bag contains a large number of recharge cards. After receiving the recharge cards, the recharge cards will appear in the recharge interface. Click the corresponding file to recharge directly. 2. Vip15 needs to log in for three days for free, or recharge any amount to immediately reach vip15 benefits introduction: 1. Send vip1428888 Xianjing, 5888 ordinary strange physical strength, 588 elite strange physical strength, 58boss physical strength, recharge any amount, you can reach vip15, unlock all rights of VIP. 2. Vip1-vip15 all privilege gift packs, players do not need to spend any money to get directly. 3. Recharge ratio is 1:1000, the first charge has a chance to get 5 times of Xianjing rebate, take the opportunity yourself!!! 4. The first charge can open the realm gift bag to reach the corresponding level. In addition to the massive materials and props, there is also a recharge card free of charge. Using the recharge card, you can get 100% real recharge benefits. The total amount of the recharge card is 2186 yuan. What are you waiting for? Come and play now!!! 5. Free fairy formula, super fashion, powerful pet and massive props. There are five times the first charge rebate. You can choose from 8 stalls ~ 6. I want all the free fairy formula, the supreme fashion box, the gem box and the 100 draw card! 7. Special gift bag, daily recharge gift bag, rich rewards, this is the most passionate version, miss and wait another year ~ 8. All kinds of games, various boss, cool equipment, massive materials, waiting for you to get!
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