The record of Chaoge Fengshen
The record of Chaoge Fengshen
TYPE:Hang up, Xianxia Downloads:0 Date:2021-03-08 Android size:3.5M IOS size:9.27M From:btgame
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game Introduction
It is a mythical Xianxia game combined with the romance of gods and the legend of Shanhaijing. It is committed to creating a high degree of freedom Oriental Fantasy Xianxia world, innovating and creating the strategies of Shenjiang and riding pet, as well as a large-scale cross service PVP qualifying competition, competing for the strongest and enjoying the thrill of fierce battle; The painting style of the game combines the painting style of the mountain sea myth and the national style, and the experience of the game is like wandering in the fantasy world of the mountain sea myth, where you can point the gods, collect the monsters, refine the artifact, cut through the thorns and hardships, and emerge into immortals.
game welfare
Welfare Introduction: 1. Super svip6188888 Yuanbao, 200W copper coin, SSSR mount, 88 lottery tickets and magic treasure box are available immediately. I wish Xianyou experience the ultimate mountain and sea fantasy world! 2. Daily check-in and recharge voucher will really activate VIP experience and recharge activities, which is absolutely true recharge! More free VIP and vouchers are available every day. You can't miss it! 3. Carnival landing ditch presents gorgeous titles, colorful fashions, top-notch inscriptions, SSR God pet, God level equipment are all free! 3. Platform exclusive benefits free to get out of print cool fashion, be a fashion trendsetter, second become rich handsome! 4. Platform exclusive welfare, free to get the best SR pet, eclosion seal fairy, through thousands of difficulties! 5. Platform exclusive benefits, free access to the orange product guide to choose from, the combat power index soared, experience the mysterious and magical fate of Fairy Travel!
game discount
One day cumulative recharge 100-499 yuan rebate 50% one day cumulative recharge 500-999 yuan rebate 80% one day cumulative recharge 1000-2999 yuan rebate 100% one day cumulative recharge 3000-4999 yuan rebate 150% one day cumulative recharge 5000-9999 yuan rebate 200% one day cumulative recharge more than 10000 yuan rebate 300%
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