Hero run (send V7)
Hero run (send V7)
TYPE:Strategy, Three Kingdoms Downloads:2 Date:2020-06-08 Android size:204.4M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Lord run" is a mobile Tour Based on strategy. It collects the generals of the Three Kingdoms and gallops on the battlefield with you! He led Guan Yu, Zhao Yun and other famous generals to take part in nearly 100 classic battles in the Han and Three Kingdoms, such as the battle of red cliff, the battle of Guandu, and nearly one thousand high-quality copies. Qinglong Yanyue Dao, Zhangba snake spear, and many other magic weapons help you to fight in the battlefield, with unlimited free growth space, revolutionary and all-out interactive operation, epic and magnificent battle scene, enjoy the pleasure of taking the enemy's first rank among the armies, and enjoy uniting the world with Wolong FengChen!
game welfare
1. Send VIP noble 7, Yuanbao 48888, copper money 1 million, grain and grass 50000 online, super high welfare, massive gifts! 2. First welfare, top up ratio 1:500! More first charge 3 times of surprise welfare! The marten and cicada are looking for rewards! Dance with you! 3. Many kinds of moon cards are combined at will. Many treasures are spent at will. Hua Tuo can cure and poison. Guan Yu goes to the meeting alone. Zhao Yun goes in and out seven times! 4. Seven days carnival, every day there are super benefits, super value online benefits, massive resources, huge benefits get soft! Time management, no need for manual, automatic combat without pressure!
game discount
100-499 100% 500-999 150% 1000-2999 200% 3000-4999 250% 5000-9999 300% 10000 400%
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