Yuanzunchuan (full V version)
Yuanzunchuan (full V version)
TYPE:Instant, magic Downloads:26 Date:2020-05-22 Android size:223.2M From:btgame
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game Introduction
Super welfare Tour "yuanzunzhuan (full V version)", online unlimited God draw, free draw up to 68 yuan recharge card, has been drawing!! Send recharge card online every day, low sum synthetic high sum, and strive to create a welfare version of mobile game! Super game experience, let you feel 100% original mysterious new world! Hundred yuan Zun - Black emperor zunti, small princess of beasts · lvluo, violent Wuyao, Youwei zunti, summon your fighting partners! The vast world - more than 10 exquisite maps, more than 100 kinds of special demons, and many kinds of powerful boss. Every battle, there is endless passion. Fully armed - characteristic system to create the strongest system, gallop to destroy the sky and the earth, and glorify God to help you dominate.
game welfare
1. Go online and get vip3028888 tie drill, 300W gold coin. Upgrade to level 80 to receive a set of golden quality equipment! 2. Every day when you log in to send the limited time recharge card and open the service on the 8th day, you can get the recharge card and send infinite God coupons online. Infinite God coupons can get the recharge card! 3、 The most powerful recharge card in history, you can synthesize 2-3 low recharge cards into high recharge cards! 3 pieces of 1 yuan make a piece of 6 yuan, 3 pieces of 6 yuan can make a piece of 30 yuan, it's invincible!! 4. Super value automatic rebate Yuanbao, spend less money to return huge amount of Yuanbao, unique welfare, it is your favorite!
game discount
100-499 60%500-999 80%1000-2999 110%3000-4999 150%5000-9999 210%10000 320%
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